Spring Peepers
Words and music by Winfield Shaw Clark

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Spring Peepers.mp3
I sat on a log, late one April night
Listening to a chorus of peepers –
Tiny little frogs
Who sing at night in bogs
Each Spring, when the snow’s just gone.
They’re singing for a mate:
“Darling, don’t be late !”
‘Till some frog answers,
“Honey, it’s a date !”

It’s like a waltz
And all the frogs dance,
Keeping their minds on
Amphibious romance.
It’s like a waltz
And all their froggy voices
Sing soprano.

Sitting by that bog, on an April night
I felt right at home with those peepers:
I could be a prince
If I could just convince
You to take me, warts and all.
So I sing my song:
“Darling, don't be long,”
But jeepers, Peepers, guess I sing it wrong !

It’s like a waltz ...
It’s like a waltz ...

Copyright © Winfield Clark 1990-2013

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