Slow Waltz
Five Songs from “Genealogy” Slow Waltz
Words and music by Winfield Shaw Clark

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Slow Waltz.mp3
Slow waltz,
Are they dancing a slow waltz
In the photograph?
Time halts
As the camera captures them,
Captures some of their rapture,
All those long years ago.

So young,
Both the dancers seem very young
In the photograph,
High strung,
With their lives waiting to unfold;
Some dreams shatter like crystal;
Some dreams blossom into gold.

    Where are they now, the snows of yesteryear?
    Music, laughter ringing in our ears.
    Where are they now, the dreams of yesterday?
    Passing out of memory, fading into gray, ...but

Right now
Is the moment we’ve waited for–
Always was right now –
Right now,
While we dancers are dancing still.
Seize the moment with both hands;
Let it take us where it will.

Copyright © Winfield Clark 1990-2013

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