Knot of Eternity
The Essential Point
from Milarepa’s “A Confrontation With Some Academics” translated by Scott Wellenbach, music by Winfield Shaw Clark

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The essential point of holy dharma’s culminating yana
Has the taste of amrita and includes scripture, logic, and the essence.
It’s the crown venerated by the learned and well-accomplished sangha,
And this crown rests inseparably right on the top of my own head.

I divide my daily meditation practice into three parts:
First, I meditate on the utpattikrama of the yidam;
For the next third, I meditate on prana, nadi and bindu;
Last, I meditate on the unfabricated mahamudra.
Through the four yoga sessions of the day, my constant meditation:
Bodhichitta, bodhichitta, bodhichitta.

My own faith in things as being real I purify as empty;
What the foolish give me out of faith I offer up as torma;
All my own accumulated faith I offer to the devas;
The accumulation of the leftover torma is for ghosts.
Oh, this yogi turns accumulation’s wheel in his feast offering,
For he knows very well that all these offerings have no intrinsic nature.
Such a yogi is worthy of receiving any form of offering;
In receiving offerings, I, the yogi, am not bad, but good.
Translated under the expert guidance of Khenpo Tsültrim Gyamtso Rinpoche by Scott Wellenbach of the Nalanda Translation Committee, with the knowledgeable assistance of Ari Goldfield.
Musical arrangement by Winfield Clark.

Copyright © Wellenbach & Clark 2004

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